Let Your Representative Know How You Feel About Religious Liberty Protection

Picking up the phone and calling your legislators may be the easiest and quickest way to share your opinion. Don’t hesitate to call. Remember that your legislator wants to represent the needs of his or her district. By conveying your interests to your legislator, he or she has a better understanding of how to serve the needs of their constituency. Calling your legislators is also the easiest way to schedule an appointment in their district office. For more information on how to call your representative and what to say, click here.

Representative Paul I. Clymer receives School Choice Champion Award

On Saturday, February 1, House Representative Paul I. Clymer was presented the PA School Choice Champion Award by PACape members. 

In God We Trust Plaque Free To Schools

Representative Richard Saccone Provides In God We Trust Plaque to any Interested School    Any ACSI school that is interested in receiving an 'In God We Trust' Plaque for their school should contact Representative Saccone.

Top Legislative Concerns

There are several legislative Issues that we are working on as a part of ACSIPA.  As of our January meeting of the ACSIPA leaders, we have identified four issues that PA Christian Schools should become educated about and be prepared to communicate with others:1.  Watch for updated information coming out as a part of the Child Protection Acts recently adopted by the legislature and signed by the Governor.2.  Become aware of, and begin to communicate opposition to HB300/ and SB 300 which is being promoted as tolerance protection.3.  Encourage the Legislature and Governor to move beyond curren

Crisis Resources For Private Schools

Dear ACSIPA Schools,I wanted to get this information to you from the national CAPE office as issued by the USDE today as a resource for schools in coping with the CT crisis.USDE Offers Resources Following Newtown ShootingsThe horrifying ending to the lives of innocent children in Connecticut last week has us all searching for ways to make sense of the senseless and bear the unbearable.The U.S. Department of Education today compiled a collection of resources to help school communities across the nation respond to the crisis and to help school children cope with the trauma.

Why Has it Taken Us So Long to Get School Choice in PA?

  From the Pittsburgh Post Gazette It's time for school choiceWe long ago should have given parents more options  Tuesday, September 20, 2011By Ronald T. BowesShortly after doctors performed a high-risk heart-liver transplant on Pennsylvania Gov.

Testimonies from Administrators and others to House and Senate

The following testimonies are included as official coorespondence to the PA House of Representatives and Senate Committees addressing issues related to School Choice last year.  They are provided as resources for you to Download and utilize as professional references or items to include in packages to legislators, the press, and others who need information from the Christian School Community regarding school choice.      Please click on the link,  http://www.acsipa.org/housetestimonies which will take you to a page that has individual lin

Dr. Storey's Testimony before the House Democratic Policy Committee

Dr. John Storey, leader of the ACSI in the Northeast Region, joined a panel discussion today. The panel was defending the role private schools could play in educating the children of Pennsylvania if Senate Bill 1 were enacted. The following is Dr. Storey's prepared speech for the House Democratic Panel

Pittsburgh Testimonials - Part 3

In our final installment of testimonies before the Democratic Policy Committee in Pittsburg we are featuring long-time administrator Michael Lloyd. Mr. Lloyd serves at Christian Life Academy in Seneca. His testimony serves as both a support for Senate Bill 1 and a challenge to other administrators to serve faithfully. Read More Below

Supreme Court Ruling upholds School Choice

The Supreme Court of the United States released a decision in favor of school choice programs this week. They upheld the Arizona tax credit which is similar in nature to the EITC scholarship program in Pennsylvania. Below are a few articles to review about the decision:


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